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2BZMF-12 type (suspended), no-tillage finger clamp precision fertilizer seeder (mountain type). Supporting power: 176 kW (240 hp) or more four-wheel drive tractor, suspended operation. It is suitable for a small amount of straw mulching no-tillage sowing and rotary tillage stubble finishing plot sowing, with 12 rows. The sowing row spacing adjustment range is 40cm-65cm.

Jilin Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology and a delegation from the Chita Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia visited Jilin Kangda for inspection and research

In order to accelerate the realization of domestic and international economic dual circulation, encourage and guide enterprises to optimize industrial layout, and continue to build a new development pattern of the trade market through high-level opening up.

Sheng Maolin, leader of the Fourth Steering Group for Central Theme Education, and his delegation visited Jilin Kangda to investigate and guide work

In order to deeply understand and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the theme education work conference, implement the work deployment of the Party Central Committee in the investigation and research of the whole party, strive to transform the learning results into a strong driving force to guide practice and promote work, and firmly grasp the high-quality economic and social development of Jilin Province.

Secretary of the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee Hao Peng and Governor Li Lecheng led the Liaoning Provincial Party and Government delegation to visit Jilin Kangda Company for inspection.

In order to deeply study and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, conscientiously implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speeches and instructions on the comprehensive revitalization and development of the Northeast, accelerate the realization of agricultural modernization, further deepen the pragmatic cooperation between the two provinces, and discuss the major plan for the revitalization and development of the Northeast. Promote the two provinces to shoulder the same heavy responsibility, work in the same direction, resonate at the same frequency, write a new chapter, and create good results together.

Jilin Provincial Committee of Jiusan Society organized experts to visit Jilin Kangda to conduct research on key topics and provide guidance

According to the unified deployment of the CPC Central Committee, in accordance with the relevant work guidance of the political party consultation plan of the Jilin Provincial Party Committee of the CPC, combined with the reality of Jilin Province as a major agricultural province, the Central Committee of the Jiusan Society focuses on ensuring national food security, promotes the 100 billion jin grain project in Jilin Province, comprehensively grasps the development status of agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing and industrial chain in the province, provides a reliable basis for building a strong province in agricultural machinery manufacturing, and carries out investigation and investigation on the key topic of "leading the optimization and upgrading of key industrial chains in manufacturing with scientific and technological innovation".

Tax benefits bring warmth and help enterprises develop and increase income

In the context of the State Administration of Taxation's release of a series of new measures with the theme of "Doing a Good Job in Benefiting Civil Affairs and Service Modernization", it has launched a series of new measures such as "Spring Wind Action for Facilitating Private Taxation", "Benefiting the People with Practical Matters with Taxation, and Deepening Reform and Opening a New Situation". In order to ensure the timely implementation of various tax policies of enterprises, they are implemented in detail, accurate and stable, and further promote the high-quality development of enterprises.

Build an agricultural machinery industrial park, promote the integration of the agricultural machinery industry, and assist enterprise development

As the center of agricultural development in New China, the total grain output of Jilin Province has reached a record high and has become an important "ballast stone" to ensure national food security.